Restoration Services

David Marks Garages are proud to be associated with the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust (JDHT), the charitable foundation established to look after the collection of historic cars that Jaguar Cars Ltd. had in its possession.

As a charitable trust, it is the duty of the JDHT to preserve these cars for the nation, and promote the history of Jaguar, Daimler, Lanchester and SS Cars Ltd.

Since 1992, we have had selection of these cars at the garage for a wide range of work.

1968 S1 XJ6 4.2L PHP 42G

This car was owned by Sir William Lyons, the co founder (together with William Walmsley) of Jaguar Cars Ltd in 1945.

In association with the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club, we undertook a comprehensive mechanical refurbishment of this car, which included complete front and rear suspension overhaul, together with brake and fuel systems.

Pictured alongside one of the very last of the S111 saloons is PHP 42G, providing a comparison of the progression of styling over 24 years.

1971 Jaguar E-TYPE S111 V12 FHC - WHP 205J

This car was one of the original press car fleet used upon the introduction to the world, of not only the S111 E-Type, but also, to many, the still incomparable 5.3l V12 engine.

Also in association with the JEC, this car has, with the exception of the interior, undergone a complete restoration. The interior was retrimmed at Jaguar a few years ago. The work is now nearly complete, and every mechanical, and most electrical aspects have been attended to.

The engine, gearbox and differential all rebuilt at Jaguar, and then the front and rear suspensions overhauled by ourselves, and then assembled to the car, together with the complete drive train.

Additionally we rewired the engine bay, and installed a brand new brake and clutch system throughout.

Although Jaguar, not surprisingly, elected to build their own engine, gear box and differential, we do carry out a limited number of rebuilds during the year.

Jaguar MARK V11 1955 464 HYV

This car was supplied to H.M. The Queen Mother in 1955, and used by her for private motoring until 1973.

During this period, as every upgrade was introduced by Jaguar during the model's progression from MK V11 to 1X, this car was itself upgraded to eventually full MK 1X specification.

A visitor to us on several occasions, we have carried out various operations on the engine, steering, and suspension, together with general servicing.

The Queen Mother's MK V11, Upgraded to MK 1X Specification

464 HYV Along side David Marks' own early MK V11 clearly shows the styling progression.

Jaguar MK V NPC 557

This car arrived for a quick check over in between a couple of classic car rallies.

Pictured at the 1999 Shakespeare run are the two above cars alongside David's car