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1937 Brough Superior, based on a Hudson chassis, with a Hudson Terraplane Straight 8 engine, this car was introduced in this country as a Railton.
A small number of chassis then had bodies built on them by Brough, of Nottingham
Brough are more famous for their superb motorcycles, and both William Lyons and Walmsley, as keen motorcyclists rode Brough Superior bikes.
It is said that some inspiration for the design of the first car bodies by SS was drawn from the shape of the Brough Superior.
This is one of the earliest cars we have worked on, and provided a very interesting, and entertaining diversion.

Three classics spanning 10 years, in the background, a 1955 MK V11M, then a 1966 E-Type 2+2 and MK II 3.8L