Daimler Corsica Project - Part 3

David stripped out all of this as it was simpler to procure the interior components of the climate control system from this car than elsewhere

It was all the small parts, special clips and fixings etc. that were the real "jewels" from the trip to Eurojag

With the car stripped out, the transmission tunnel welded and all the parts to hand, reassembly could start. Amongst the first components to be fitted are the main wiring harnesses. This is how it all arrived!

The wiring laid out on the floor in order to ensure that each loom was to be fitted to the correct side...

...David then gathered it up so that...

...it could be laid into the cabin...

.. and the slow process of installation could begin

Part way through the project, the bulkhead insulation, air-conditioning unit and bulkhead strengtheners are fitted. These strengtheners have been adapted from the standard items to allow them to fit into the modified car and be more substantial

The first of many control modules, this the gearbox module (TCM) in place, it was not just a case of fit the module, all the brackets and studs had to be fitted prior to this

With the strengthener in place, the in car blower motor and ducts are installed

Once the bulkhead strengtheners had been final fitted, although bolted to the top of the bulkhead, where they meet the sill was unique to the Corsica and it was decided to weld them into place for added strength

The fascia required building up, here using a second hand spare as a donor (in the back ground) for many components, the passenger airbag unit is just in front of the Corsica fascia

The engine control module (ECU) needed to be repackaged in order to fit around the modifications, both mechanical and electrical...

...so the new unit was stripped down and fitted into an alternative housing!

and was a tight fit against the bulkhead strengthener

Initially a slave fascia was used as it needed to be fitted and removed on numerous occasions and David did not want to risk damaging the Corsica unit. By this stage, the wiring etc. required final fitting...

...and here it is all installed on the left side...

...and the right side too

The wiring to the rear cabin and boot area also required tidying up.

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